World War Z

World War ZWorld War Z

World War Z Classified as a movie Block Buster One thing of the year That edited the trailer to look good and make the zombie neck very happy with World War Z adapted from the novel of the same name starring Brad Pitt.

With one weekday story, Jerry Lane and their family find their ever-peaceful road trip. Must face the traffic jam in the middle of the city Lane.

who in the past was a United Nations investigator. Feel that this is not a normal traffic jam And when police helicopters hover above the sky And a police motorcycle running underneath

The whole city faced chaos. When people become infected and become dead, they must find out what the whole thing.ดูหนังออนไลน์

World WarZ is directed by Mark Foster a that we should be familiar with.From the movie.

The Kite Runner and the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, this time he returned with a bigger movie.

But it also touches on a $ 170 million high-end movie as well. Personally, if we look at the World War Z trailer, we wouldn’t have hoped for much more than the entertainment that the movie would give us from the crush.

Break through the hordes of zombies And exterminate the human race It seems director Mark Foster knows exactly what the audience wants.

And provide an answer to that question without stopping Which is the best of the movies, with World War Z choosing to cut out the things that make people look brained

Don’t have to think a lot And instead stuffed with action thriller scenes that do not let the audience take a breather.

the story without laying the script together

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